The PD Crane Dance Project

Calling All Members of the Parkinson’s Community Who Love to dance and move, you are invited to create a video of a crane dance


All members of the Parkinson’s Disease community are invited to create a dance or movement piece inspired by the origami cranes in the art installation ‘Soaring With Hope.’ Your Dance piece will add to the celebration of the Spirit of Hope as symbolized in the traditional Japanese origami crane. All video submissions will be compiled into a single continuous video which will be shown at the 5th World Parkinson’s Congress in Kyoto, Japan 2019.

Be a part of the World Parkinson’s Congress!


Due to an overwhelming response, the video submission deadline date has been extended to accommodate all the dancers. The maximum length has been increased to 2 minutes to provide enough time for larger dance groups. Multiple submissions are allowed and encouraged.

  • New Submission Video Deadline Date: March 20, 2019
  • New maximum  length of the crane dance video: 120 seconds or 2 minutes
  • If you would like to receive an origami paper crane for inspiration, please fill in the form provided on the website  Requests accepted until February 11, 2019.

Creative Suggestions

The Dance can be:

  • Solos, duets, groups.
  • PD dance classes.
  • With or without music.
  • Choreographed or improvised.
  • Dancing with or without an origami crane(s).

Let your imagination soar!

Watch Examples

Available Music Downloads

Music to dance to

Free to use

Contemporary by Aris Chalin
(medium speed):

Download files:

Modern Classical by Shauna Toh
(moderate speed):

Download files:

The Book of Five Rings by Richard X Bennett

Download files:

Haru No Hana by Richard X Bennett & Paula Jeanine Bennett

Download files:

Away From the Many by Richard X Bennett

Download files:

Or use your own original music or soundtrack.

Want A Crane?

Receive a hand folded origami crane to inspire a crane dance to be videotaped and submitted to this dance project. This is limited time offer, until February 11, 2019.

Let your imagination soar!

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Steps to Submit

Create & Film Yourself
Upload to YouTube
Submit Your Video
Do The Happy Dance

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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WPC proudly presents Soaring With Hope - Crane Dance, a project made possible with support from US WorldMeds and Britannia Pharmaceuticals.


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