Rules for submitting a video

This is an open invitation for members of the PD community to create and perform a dance piece. You are welcome to submit multiple videos. Please review the rules and guidelines before submitting a video and abide by the terms and conditions outlined below:

  1. Your Crane Dance Piece must not exceed one minute and 2 minutes (120 seconds) in length. Any video that exceeds this limit cannot be accepted.
  2. Respect copyright: Only upload videos that you made or that you are authorized to use. Please submit any third party authorizations for material that is not your own. Without these authorizations, your video can not be accepted due to copyright laws.
  3. If you feature anyone else in your video, you must have his or her consent to video/film him or her and to upload the video to us.
  4. Your Video submission is subject to review prior to acceptance. Videos will not be accepted for the following reasons: secretly film anyone or infringe anyone's right to privacy; obscenity, indecency, harassment, threatening or offensive.
  5. Do not include anything that is obscene, indecent, harassing, threatening or offensive.
  6. Your video must not promote, show or incite cruelty, violence, vandalism, fraudulent or criminal acts or contain content or images that could encourage others to commit illegal acts or acts that could cause physical harm if replicated.

Okay I'm ready to submit